Monday, August 4, 2008

Writing it down

You might notice some new daily posts this month. I was 158.2 this morning which is good but I feel the need to really keep on top of what I am putting in my mouth this month. Vacation is coming up and I have some outdoor gear that fits but the addition of even a couple of pounds makes them uncomfortable. It's amazing how just a few pounds at this weight can really make a difference. Back in the day it would take 10 pounds for things to fit differently.

When I stray I need to go back to the basics. Writing it down. So helpful as I have said before... I don't do it all the time but when I need to refocus it is very helpful and allows me to track my snacky tendencies. I was too often making the choice to have the snack as opposed to not. I figure if I share for the month that will also help keep me honest. I'm not tracking calories just what I put in my mouth.


Cammy said...

This is the same promise I have made to myself. If I start a trend of moving upward on the scale, I'll start logging again. I'm sure this will do the trick for you!

appple said...

the stuff you have been putting in your mouth lately sounds quite tasty and super healthy.

d and i dabbled in ww a few months back, she's really good at counting points. i'm not.

in an effort to reduce some of our meat intake we just started buying a lot of soy protein based 'fake meats'.

i really like the smartdogs, fantastico line of vegan options like veggie burgers, taco filling, and falaffel (baked, not fried).

i don't know if you're into the fake stuff, but there's also this smokey flavor tempeh strips called fakin bacon, which, while nothing at all like real bacon, is a nice addition to eggs in the morning.