Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Compared to last week

Not much doin'. Planning vacation activities. I still can't believe it all came together. This will make the third time in four years that we have been to Yellowstone over Labor Day weekend. This year we will be camping for most of it with a break in the middle at The Old Faithful Inn. The Inn is more a night than our 5 nights of camping. The gear will pay for itself on this trip alone and I am actually excited about the idea of sleeping in the great outdoors. We both camped as kids, I think his trips were way more spartan than ours. Ah the cook box. I have been wary of camping, my Dad always made such a production out of it and I can remember trips where all it did was rain on PEI. However we have been to YNP several times so I know what to expect weather wise. Anything from 40-90F. Huge range but we can layer. M was talking in the car this morning about the clothes he wants to bring. Past vacations have involved a suitcase full of clothes that never get worn but with baggage policies the way they are now... I do hope to cut down on the excess. My dream would be to get it in two bags. One for gear and one for clothes. Delta is not charging for the first bag, but will ding you 50$ for the second.

I have been tasked with picking out hikes. I feel like there is so much I still want to see there. We have 5 full days in the park, plus an evening and a morning. Two hikes are for sure. The Lonestar Geyser (I want to check it out before I attempt to cross country ski it in the winter) and then out to Shoshone Lake. Others are TBD but I would prefer distance over elevation. There will be nothing like Washburn this year. Maybe the HooDoos. I love saying that word. There will be the requisite evening stroll out to the geyser basin and hopefully we will have time to get to the Old Faithful overlook.

I can't wait. I'm so thankful that this is my life now.


Chellie has Issues said...

I just found your blog and am inspired. I am a year and a half on maintenance and I obsess every day about what I eat so I don't go back to my old ways. Yellowstone is a great place! I never come to hike there, but I bet it would be amazing. The only thing I would be nervous about is my food when camping. When I think of camping, I think hamburgers, hot dogs and beer. I would love to see your camping food blogs so I could know how to eat while camping! :)

Sarah said...

Let me see if I can dig up my food journal from my trip last year. We weren't camping, but it was still vacation eating.