Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I've added a link to a PDF of just my posts from my time over at MFD from my own thread. I cut out everyone else b/c I don't know if they would be cool with sharing. I'm also looking around on our shared drive for my first The Weight It Is. I was blogging over at Friendster! Do they even still exist? Anyways, when I locate it I will PDF and put that up as well. That blog was more focused on still losing weight. I was just getting down to goal (whatever that is) at that time so its focus is more weight loss, not maintenance. But maybe interesting to someone. Blogging can be such an interesting walk down memory lane.


Chellie has Issues said...

Hey Sarah, thanks for visiting my blog. I LOVE being a mom of twins. They are so lucky. Is your twin male/female? They're 2 and I catch them sleeping in the same bed together! It's so cute!

Sarah said...

Twin sis. You can see her in the pictures scattered about. Click the before and afters as well. She is in many of those.