Thursday, August 21, 2008

August Twentieth

Zone Perfect Double Dark Chocolate
I try very hard not to rely on fake food, but these are so yummy. I should go back to just the oatmeal but bfast has been on the run lately. These bars are surprisingly filling even though they don't have much fiber.

Another Zone Perfect bar
Another Peach
Cucumber Maki with Brown Rice
Apple Slices

Toasted foccacia with melted mozzarella

Trader Joes Strawberry Smoothie
I don't normally drink calories (besides alcohol) but I was on my bike and hadn't eaten dinner yet. By time I was on my way back it was almost 7pm.
Slice of Upper Crust Pizza topped with bacon and artichoke
2 glasses of Red Wine
I went back out this evening to see some friends and cheer myself up. My knee (as the prior posts laments) is bumming me out. I am trying to keep my snack calories lower, but such is life. I rode pretty far earlier and more importantly the wine and pizza were tasty and appropriate to the company. I have a few extra calories here and there for things like this.

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