Monday, August 4, 2008

August Fourth

Fruit salad
Made with: cantaloupe, a pear, a peach and a nectarine
Bowl of Soy and Flax clusters from Trader Joes with 2% milk
First one I have had in months!!! It has protien which is pretty filling and this stuff will go stale if I don't start eating it.

Bowl of berries with a banana
Sushi: Brown Rice Veggie Combo from Stop and Shop

TBD Looking for swordfish and fennel recipes
M won't be home until later and I may wait for him to have dinner.

2 glasses of champagne and more dark chocolate
Tilapia and spinach with lemon steamed in the microwave.
Due to a txt at 7:30 I ended up going out with the girls for the evening. I came home starving though so had to eat something. Why not fish and spinach? Better for me than chips and probably about the same calories. I love those bags they make an instant meal in 2 minutes.

1/2 serving of Lightly salted Kettle Chips
4 blocks of Low Effective Carb & Sugar Dark Chocolate
This stuff is yummy but you can't have too much. Makes my tummy rumbly. Must be the sugar alcohols.
Munchin Mix: sprouted adzuki beans, lentils and peas.

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