Sunday, August 10, 2008

August Tenth

2 Peaches
Handful of Go Raw Trail Mix
These come from Trader Joes. I could portion out my own, but well, I'm lazy. I eat one piece at a time. Makes it last longer and then I don't hoover the whole package in less than a minute. I eat most things one at a a time. Chips, pretzels whathaveyou.
Dunkin Donuts Vanilla Spice Coffee with Milk
Nature Valley Vanilla Nut Granola Bar

Six Inch Ham on Wheat with LTO, Peppers, and Cucumbers

4 Corn Tortillas with 3 oz. Taco Seasoned Steak Red and Green Peppers and Onions, Sour Cream and Salsa

Garlic Flavored Pretzels
All snacks or whatever are one serving in case anyone is curious. I like to portion things out first. Then I don't lose track and can eat slowly and enjoy whatever it is.
Cucumbers, Carrots and Tomatoes with 8 Shrimps tossed with a Ginger Sesame Dressing
I had just gotten home from the gym, had the pretzels in the car on the way home and was still ravenous. Protein and veggies, can't beat that for a snack.
Munchin Mix

Mini Moo Fudge Pop
And my tummy still rumbles.

Work Out
20 mins on Precor
20 mins of stretching
30 mins of lifting-- today was legs.

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