Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I had Molton Chocolate Cake at Lunch

The miracle weight loss that isn’t - Diet and nutrition- msnbc.com

“Post-op, these people grieve for the loss of food,” Arioli says. “Food is their comfort. And if you don’t figure out how to find comfort in other ways, you’re going to go with what you know. These are some serious eaters.”

I briefly considered it. But man, I love food.

Now I do not mourn for food. I learned to live with it. And I get way more satisfaction from it now that I ever did scarfing thousands of calories a day back then. Being forced into moderation with all those side effects, how is that living? Dumping? NO real sweets or things with REAL sugar. We all need less chemicals as it is. How is this better?!?!? I would say I was not living at 345, but I think I would take that life over what some of these poor souls have had to deal with in the article. Gastric Bypass (or it's cousins) are so, American. Everything, all of it-- right now, it's so easy and don't worry about the consequences ... it won't matter when you are THIN! Ugh. I know those who have had this surgery say that it is not a quick fix, but why be FORCED into that lifestyle of deprivation when (imho) it has more risk than reward. I'd rather deal with the known (diabetes and all the obesity co-morbidities) than roll the dice with this shit that people are simply making a buck off of. /jadedness. /soapbox.


Lynn Haraldson-Bering said...

I'm with you on this. On yes. I'm really with you on this one. Especially the "American" part. Do other countries endorse GBP as much as the US? I'm not criticizing anyone for having it, but it seems so first resort when shouldn't it be a last? Just my two cents.

Pubsgal said...

It is disconcerting how much it's being pushed these days. I know that for some people it's worthwhile, even with the side effects. (My sister-in-law had surgery, and she does suffer some pretty unpleasant side effects, but she said she would do it again.) I've read quite a bit about it helping tremendously with Type 2 diabetes, which I have, but even so, no thanks. For me, managing it through healthy eating habits, exercise, and metformin has made me feel better than I have in a long time, even if the weight loss part takes longer than getting the blood glucose in a good range.

Sarah said...

Good for you! You absolutely can manage your Type 2 Diabetes with good food choices. And you'll feel better doing it.

I was probably borderline there for a while. My Gram was always wanting to test my "sugar". She passed away over a year ago from kidney failure. I miss her a ton, she was very supportive of the new me. She didn't want to see me suffer from Diabetes like she was.

However all the pharma/medical/wilfred brimley mail order companies are making $$$ off of treating this disease. Managing it yourself with smart food choices doesn't benefit anyone but you. Who's making money off that? This is America, we seem to excel at making a buck off of other peoples suffering.