Sunday, August 10, 2008

Six Weeks for 59$

I feel so out of shape. Yeah, it's all relative. I might be able to ride my bike miles and miles but my strength is not what it could/should be. I had let my gym membership lapse after my last surgery in March. I also didn't do any real PT-- thinking that we were not reinventing the wheel. That was a bad move-- one that haunts me from my past, but with school and all, I just didn't feel like I could get it in. I stopped going to the gym and while was keeping my weight more or less under control I wasn't doing my knee any favors. I was also concerned about over working it after the bone graft. Last year I wondered if my training kept the hole from properly healing, who knows. But that nagged at me and I didn't keep up with the strength training the way I should.

So today I made friends with the Smith again and did some squats, I also worked my hip flexors, hamstrings and calves. I spent some time focused on balance as well. I made sure not to over do it. We'll see if I am sore in the morning. Ideally I would like to be lifting every day-- legs, then arms and chest. We'll see.

At the end of 6 weeks I'll reevaluate and see if I want to sign back up for another year. I used my membership for about 6 months of the last 12. I hate paying for things I am not using.

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