Tuesday, August 5, 2008

August Fifth

Berry Raspberry Oat Bran Muffin
Venti Iced Coffee with Whole Milk

Home made Margarita pizza
I still have leftover whole wheat dough from the weekend and needed to use it. I didn't have fresh basil but thawed some chopped cubes.

Swordfish with a from scratch Citrus Soy Marinade
Stir fry veggies: Carrots, Mushrooms, Snap Peas and Pineapple
Brown Rice

Cucumber w/ Salt
I was cleaning out the fridge.
Dark Chocolate
I have almost finished that bar. 400 calories in the whole thing and you seriously wouldn't know it is sugar free. It's good for the sweet tooth when I am stressed, but eat too much and no one wants to be near me.
Microwave Popcorn
M likes it b/c it has no added sodium, I like it b/c there is no oil added. I add my own salt but never any butter. I ate the whole bag. A very filling 220 calories.

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