Wednesday, August 6, 2008

August Sixth

Toast with Blackberry Jam
The nutritional information for this loaf is listed below. I love the recipe builder at MFD. When the recipe is done I weigh the total and then base servings on the number ounces. Makes it easier to convert. This loaf was 13 ounces so the information listed below is for one ounce of the bread.

Chicken Breast
Black Beans and Rice
I had lunch at Casa de Pedro with a friend today. I really like this place and even midday you see the chef/owner. Very nice guy and the food is always great. I had the Pollo de la selva. I asked for the sauce on the side and then forgot about it so I never had any of that, but as always the rest was delicious.

Half a Grilled Cheese with Bacon on my Bread
Tomato Soup
I need to learn how to make soup. Well, I know how, but I have never made tomato soup. It was cold and rainy here today-- 65 is too cold for August so this dinner was perfect. Also grilled cheese and tomato soup is one my favorite high school food memories. It was what they had in the dinning halls when we returned from a break.


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