Sunday, August 24, 2008

His and Hers

I made nachos for my man this evening. This involves some sort of salsa type thing (usually corn and black bean with garlic, jalapeno peppers, cilantro and onion) steak and Tostitos and lots and lots of cheese. He likes whole chips, so I usually end up with leftovers. Like last week, I ate the rest of the bag. Bad Sarah, but it happens. Hopefully these broken castoffs I can ignore until they go stale. I normally have a salad instead of the nachos. I use the corn and black bean mix, add cherry tomatoes, salsa (Newman's Own Medium Garden Style is my new favorite) and ounce of steak and an ounce of reduce fat cheddar and lots of lettuce. Still tasty and much better for me. Occasionally I fish out a few broken chips and crumble them over my salad like croutons, one does like a bit of crunch.

A big part of my success I think is being firm about my food choices when it comes to M. I often modify recipes for me and my calorie needs. For a while it was hard on me, he was like, aren't you going to have any? No thanks, I can make something similar yet not so heavy. Salad doesn't appeal to him and I am okay with that. Marriage is about keeping us both happy. Food is such a personal thing, I feel lucky that I can share it with M and not have it be a big deal.

Dinner time!


anne said...

YaY! newman's! so yummy!

Sarah said...

thanks for the tip dooder. Makes chips and salsa good again.

Trisaratops said...

Food is sooo personal to me too! I hate feeling left out if I am not eating what the group is. That's a great idea to modify the heavier meal. You are a shining example for me to follow.

Sarah said...

It took me a while to figure out how to say no to my husband. But I often try to make meals that I can modify. We eat a lot of homemade pizza, stirfry, pasta and somethings... I always add way more veggies and cook it all separately. After I have portioned out mine then I add the sauce, be it stir fry, vodka sauce or whatever. I do try and include him in my healthy eating options, but I also know that in order for me not to be making two different meals, I need to focus on things we can both eat. The baked mac and cheese this week... That was all for him, and since he asked for it, I made it with crazy amounts of cheese an butter, calculated the calories in the recipe and then used that as my guide for my portion. I had maybe and 1/8 of the pan. He had the rest. We also had broccoli that evening-- I put my mac cheese on a bed of broccoli he got his veggie as a side.