Saturday, August 2, 2008

What a Week!

It started with George Michael on Sunday night which was awesome. Monday I enjoyed the ocean from Crane Beach. So many different sizes and shapes. I swam which was a first in a very long time. The tide was going out and I swam from one sand bar to another. It was deeper in the middle than I had anticipated. Cold! Ohmigod Cold! Good exercise and only slightly less scary than be hit by a car on my bike. When I got back twin sis and I headed down to Providence on Monday night to see a show.

Tuesday... Hmmm, can't remember, something though. Wednesday I blogged about and then was in Freeport again yesterday. I got home from Thursday's adventure and M had the cutest grin. He finally had an August vacation moment. We will be heading back to Yellowstone for the third time. We will be camping for half of the time and tickets were a very reasonable $200 to Denver. M is addicted to Kayak. More charts and graphs for airline prices than you can shake a stick at. The drive up will be nice and I get to hang in my college town for an evening. I may try and check in with my advisor at CU while out there to make sure all my ducks are in a row. I can't believe I am finally going to have my undergrad degree. I blogress. (Thanks to Apple for the new word!)

I bought a tent, two sleeping bags and an air mattress yesterday, we will be doing a dry run hopefully next weekend before we head west. We need site gear, lantern etc. but haven't made any of those purchases yet. My number one thing we can't forget is a wisk broom.

Back to Thursday. We walked. Alot I drove twin sis to Newport to pick up her Vespa. Actually we were hedging our bets on that-- it had been an epic 45 day wait and we were literally stalking the Vespa guy. We took off from teh city at noon, originally hoping to be back in Foxboro for Patriots practice but apparently it takes two hours to put a Vespa engine back in place. So we walked the Cliff Walk. We did not finish but saw the end. It wasn't even that hot but the humidity was something else.

So sweaty. The Cliff walk says it is 3.5 miles but it really is closer to 4. We probably did 3.5 so 7 total. That's nothing on my bike but in the humidity and on foot-- I was shaking by time we got to the end. I was overheating and feeling way dehydrated. Goosebumps are a bad sign. However I didn't collapse and we made it back. Twin sis marches at a pretty swift pace these days. Beating feet is what her man calls it. I call it too fast.

I could use some more rest, maybe a nap this afternoon. I have to return our house guest first though. Mom is back tomorrow and I want her cat to be waiting for her when she gets home. It will be an early morning, she comes in on the red eye from SF. I can't wait. Getting my mom back will be a good way to start another week.


appple said...

i'm not sure who coined blogress, but i did see it over at
house of jero a little while ago.

those sweaty pix are so....sweaty!

anne said...

Yikes! I can't believe there's only ten pounds between us. You look so skinny and I look so... fat?

I didn't realize I was marching you so fast. I slow down next time.

Sarah said...

I'm taller. Sorry about that.