Monday, April 30, 2012

I bumped my head

Last Friday morning I was changing Brie and leaned over to pick a bottle she had knocked off the edge.  With the full force of bending down I smacked my head on the wall.  Black. Then searing pain, lots of tears & and more pain and things I can't really remember saying.  I'm very much, don't touch me!!! when I'm hurt...  I managed to make it to the bedroom and had to lay down.  I had the baby on the bed with me and thought I was okay.  I tried to get up after my husband left for work and couldn't see straight. I ended up calling 911.

My baby was a champ.  I felt so bad for scaring her.  She cried when I cried and the fear in her little face will stick with me for quite some time.  The cop arrived first, then the EMTs.  They strapped me to a back board, got her in her baby bucket and off we went to the local hospital. I asked the EMT what she was doing, smiling he said.  She was amazing the whole time.  I think once she knew her mama was being taken care of she settled down and enjoyed the newness.  My Mom showed up at the hospital about an hour later and she was taking her morning nap. Aw. Nurses kept coming by to take a peek, they don't often see happy smiley babies.

I'm still not feeling like myself. My head still aches. I can't imagine using a hair brush but I did gingerly wash it last night.  My sleep is ALL MESSED UP.  I'm crazy tired and not staying asleep real well.  Saturday night I slept for 9 hours straight, but I won't tell you what I took to accomplish that. I woke up in a panic on Sunday morning at 5am convinced that I hadn't pressed any suits or washed any white shirts for my husband to wear to the office.  I'm hoping to start feeling like myself again.  I feel anxious and agitated and icky.  I hate feeling icky.

Eating through the weekend was minimal but it was a lot of things not on the weight loss plan.  I'm fine with that.  My poor brain needed sugar, I ate all the fruits yesterday. Back on the wagon today, sitting at 164.  That's fine.  It's up a tiny bit, but my body is all out of whack, it'll settle back down.

I need to be more careful.  And I need to be nicer to myself.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Moving on

I hit my pre pregnancy weight a week or so ago.  Yay!  As I have said, I can't cart around a fat baby and baby fat at the same time.  I am happy to put that behind me and keep going.
I'm at 165 right now, 10 more pounds to happy weight and 15 to low end of goal.  I think this is probably easily attainable.
It's easy to get caught up in on plan and off plan and bad and good... I'm trying to keep perspective.  Can't deny that I feel better though.  I'm giving much thought to how I eat when I get to maintenance again. I think it will have to be different.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Paying attention

Vitalicious has a pretty big social media presence.  Too bad the people in charge of their Twitter feed aren't paying attention.  This retweet today basically says to me we really just want your money.  

I know it's a big leap... but I think that companies should be responsible for what they put out there and what they retweet.  This chick is very clearly proana.  Is this something that they want to be associated with?  Probably not, but for a flash they are.  And in that one instance, they lost a customer.

Edited to add:

And now they've won me back.  Got these responses this morning. When I back off this low carb thing they will once again be in my freezer. 

We all have off days

I am surprised I have lasted as long as I have on this "diet".  Yesterday was my first day that was not entirely what it should have been.  The things they don't tell you after you have a baby...  Your cycle won't be regular for quite some time. My hormones still feel so totally out of whack.  I've been back on my birth control for 3 months and every time has had breakthrough bleeding.  I'm sort of over two week periods. Before Brie it was a short 4 dyas, I was so regular. I think that's how I knew I was pregnant so early. But now... Ugh, over this.  The bloat, the cramps, the irritability.

I self medicated with ice cream last night.  320 calorie for 1/2 cup ice cream!  I had about half a cup before I went to bed and woke up with a screaming headache and achey joints.  Geeze, coincidence?  I think not.

So back up on the wagon today.  I'm half way through this journey and ready to see a body I've never seen before. I'm really pleased with my progress and not ready to quit. It was just one evening and one serving of ice cream.  I'm sure there will be more, but right now, I've got work to do.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Motivating numbers

When the trainer weighed me on his scale back at the beginning of March I was 191 and this morning I was 171. That's a 20 pound loss in about nine weeks!  More than what my own scale is telling me actually, which is 185ish to 167ish.  I say ish because my scale, well it has ish. I saw 167.8 and 168.4 this morning!  This thrills me, I was 166 on my scale when I got pregnant.  I'm basically back.  I know, blah blah blah, don't get caught up by the numbers, but you know what?  F*ck that. I'm motivated, and I want to see 150.

My body fat percentage has gone from 33% to 27%.  Average is 25%-33%...  If I could get to 24%, that's umm, the fitness category.  We'll see.  I've never been YaY!!!! FITNESS.  But that's changing.  Slowly.

I need to figure out how to keep up with the good thing I have going on, but right now, I get another 20 sessions with the trainer.  This is costing an arm and a leg, but I haven't done anything for my health lately that has made as big of a difference as this has.  Worth every penny, because she's priceless.


Friday, April 13, 2012

Last resort

Things not to read before just before your workout:

I whined the whole way through on Wednesday.  I'm better than that.

If you've read the article, all I could think was, What if that failed?

And my knee fucking hurts.

Saturday will be better.  Measuring body fat % again and that should be motivating.  Half way through, 15 pounds down and about 3 from pre pregnancy weight.  I'm super happy with my progress.


Monday, April 9, 2012

Better, for the moment.

The knee is never the same for very long.  Two weeks ago this Wednesday was a crazy workout.  I felt great, but my knee hated me. It's better now, but there is a new pain on the back side.  It's always something.  It will fade into the cacophony of other hurts and I'll move on to something else.  I wish I felt like the pace of falling apart was slowing down.  There have been definite times where the march towards disintegration has been faster than others.  Not doing anything, slowed it, but it was painful.  Doing stuff to keep it working, also painful.  And sort of speedy.

One of these days it will slow down.