Monday, April 30, 2012

I bumped my head

Last Friday morning I was changing Brie and leaned over to pick a bottle she had knocked off the edge.  With the full force of bending down I smacked my head on the wall.  Black. Then searing pain, lots of tears & and more pain and things I can't really remember saying.  I'm very much, don't touch me!!! when I'm hurt...  I managed to make it to the bedroom and had to lay down.  I had the baby on the bed with me and thought I was okay.  I tried to get up after my husband left for work and couldn't see straight. I ended up calling 911.

My baby was a champ.  I felt so bad for scaring her.  She cried when I cried and the fear in her little face will stick with me for quite some time.  The cop arrived first, then the EMTs.  They strapped me to a back board, got her in her baby bucket and off we went to the local hospital. I asked the EMT what she was doing, smiling he said.  She was amazing the whole time.  I think once she knew her mama was being taken care of she settled down and enjoyed the newness.  My Mom showed up at the hospital about an hour later and she was taking her morning nap. Aw. Nurses kept coming by to take a peek, they don't often see happy smiley babies.

I'm still not feeling like myself. My head still aches. I can't imagine using a hair brush but I did gingerly wash it last night.  My sleep is ALL MESSED UP.  I'm crazy tired and not staying asleep real well.  Saturday night I slept for 9 hours straight, but I won't tell you what I took to accomplish that. I woke up in a panic on Sunday morning at 5am convinced that I hadn't pressed any suits or washed any white shirts for my husband to wear to the office.  I'm hoping to start feeling like myself again.  I feel anxious and agitated and icky.  I hate feeling icky.

Eating through the weekend was minimal but it was a lot of things not on the weight loss plan.  I'm fine with that.  My poor brain needed sugar, I ate all the fruits yesterday. Back on the wagon today, sitting at 164.  That's fine.  It's up a tiny bit, but my body is all out of whack, it'll settle back down.

I need to be more careful.  And I need to be nicer to myself.


bbubblyb said...

So sorry to hear about you hitting your head, glad you're ok and that the baby was fine through all the newness.

Dennis said...

I'm sorry to hear about your misfortune. It really does sound like you need to be more careful.