Tuesday, June 16, 2009


That spot I was so worried about-- it icked overnight. I woke up at 4:40 and had to pee, the bathroom was dark and I could feel something dripping down my leg. I got the light on, blood and fluid. A lot of blood and fluid. These things happen.

So they saw me in the office first thing. They paged the PA who came up from the OR. She manipulated the wound a bit expressing as much fluid as she could. They swabbed it for a culture and put me on Bactrum. The fluid doesn't smell or look infected to me, but I'm not the expert. She said to keep wiping myself clean with alcohol and apply dry gauze.

It will pass. And on a two foot long incision line we are talking an area maybe three inches long. I'll be fine. I'd still do this all over again.


HugeMD said...

Hang in there, babe. Glad you went in.

Marie said...

Hi, so glad I found your blog! I jumped from HMD's to Festively Plump and then found you. :) (BTW, HMD, I am leaving messages for you all over cyberspace because I can't leave a comment at your blog; e-mail me if you are confident I am not some sort of weirdo, lol. Well actually, I am some kind of weirdo, but the nicest kind. :) Sorry for the hijack Sarah.)

At any rate, I am so sorry you are struggling with this. I broke my shoulder last year, had surgery to repair it, then had another surgery last month to repair that. Thought I'd be better, but the pain is relentless and my legs have blown up like the Michelin Man. So I can totally identify with expecting one outcome and having to deal with something else.

Don't try to second guess yourself. What's done is done. Focus on feeling better and healing that wound. It might sound far fetched, but I have found meditation really helpful. I am an Olympic level Type A, so the idea of sitting still for more than one minute makes me short of breath. But I listen to relaxation CD's and knit and they have really been effective.

Oooh, sorry for the long comment! Stop by my blog, you can read all about my travails. lol Be well! I am sending healing thoughts your way. :)

Deb said...

Thanks for sharing your experience....the ups and the downs. This will be SO worth it.