Friday, June 19, 2009

Long Lonely Days

I feel like I should be more constructive with my time right now. I'm reading here and there but watching a lot of crap TV and wasting time on the internets. Reminds me of being 345 living in Boulder and never getting outside and never getting anything done. Except now it's forced, then it was willing. This experience makes me wonder how I lived like that.

I feel like my legs are going to atrophy, but no exercise or walking even for me with this hole. This weekend isn't looking like it will provide much relief from the long stretch of house confinement except for Mom and the visiting nurse. The VNA will be coming by in the morning, good thing it's early, I'll need a shower and I have no desire to wait all day. After that, I see a nap in my future.

And more freaking rain. Even being trapped inside it still sucks.



HugeMD said...

I hear ya babe. I felt like a prisoner in my own house. I became a Facebook addict. I can't even watch TV anymore. I haven't had it on in days now that I can drive. It was too hard to read or even watch a whole movie on Percocets--had to stick to short, mindless TV shows. Sorry it's so boring. It'll get better soon!

jo said...

Hopefully it won't be long before you can join the real world again.

I totally get it about being housebound in Boulder. If I lived there, I would probably never go out. Denver is another story, but Boulder was a town of its own.