Thursday, June 11, 2009

Guess what hurts?

I'm laying around, doing nothing really. Well, trying not to freak out, this healing is hard work and I am hoping my 3rd drain comes out tomorrow. And umm, now that I know it's the middle strip in the picture that is laying inside of you, I'm slightly more freaked out. My mom of course knew. I did not know what was coming and probably best that I didn't. But now I do and I just want the other one out, I hate, hate, hate foreign objects in my body, we don't have the best track record.

Which brings me to what also hurts. That spot in my left leg, where he scraped the bone in February. It's not crazy painful, just a bit of a twinge. I'm ignoring it, but still makes me sad. Something will have to be done about it someday. Someday.

Right now I am just trying to hang on to getting well. Today was better, I slept mostly. Looked at bed trays online. I think I need one if I'm still couch bound for a bit. Tomorrow morning is first follow up with PS. I'm sure he'll be pleased, I know I am! I'm still adjusting to this new body. I can't believe how flat I am. I know that must sound cliche, but it's true. I wonder how squishy I'll be after I'm all healed. I have no basis for comparison, and have no idea what my stomach is supposed to feel like.

Pain killers kicking in. Bed time.

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