Sunday, June 14, 2009

So where is a girl to go?

I'm a message board kind of gal, in fact I met my husband on one. Really, M and I met on a Survivor message board back at the end of season two, The Outback.

So when plastic surgery became a possibility I started looking around for a message board to read and take part in. I have basically two choices. One type of board (found in several places) is for those who have had some sort of weight loss surgery. These people talk about protein levels and non-healing wounds and about slicing off their skin months from goal. Not my crowd. My other option are boards populated with the mommy tummy folks. They come in all ages but often have tummy tucks with breast augmentations and lipo and their surgeries are more on the cosmetic side. Not to take away from their experience and feeling uncomfortable in your own body but again, I can't really relate.

I found one place that is an interesting mix of the two, but I would never post my surgery pictures as my avatar. Sigh.

So I have been writing instead. The computer gets heavy on my legs anyway. My writing class instructor said this time would be great for putting thoughts on paper and she was right. I'm finding it way more cathartic than bitching on a board.


Lori said...

Maybe you should think about doing a book?

bbubblyb said...

Yes, I find your writing very captivating and think you would write a great book. I'd like to think my story will be very similar to yours in a few years. Hope you're healing well.

Shelley said...

Hi Sarah, I just found your blog today and am reading it from the beginning...I'm curious as to which Survivor MB you met your husband on - was it Survivor Sucks or Reality Sucks?

Sarah said...

Hey Shelley!

I've been a fan of Survivor Sucks for a really long time, but I am mostly a lurker. Silas Screws has to be one of the greatest threads ever. Maybe you know it?

I actually met my husband on a smaller competing website during season two. Someone who had broken off from Sucks created her own site.

You can check it out via the Internet Wayback machine, well what's left of it.*/ It splintered and some made the switch to EZBoard... some were SS folks too.

You a fan?