Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I just want to stretch

I want to reach my arms up over my head, arch my back and stretch. And I can't.


wendy said...

i'm with you on that. for different reasons, but i completely understand the feeling.

Synvisc Survivor said...


I burned all through my body TOO!! It is definitely related to Synvisc. I have drug and chemical sensitivities as well. You are not alone in this reaction, as I know others who had this type of reaction. I also had sticky skin, tremors, breathing difficulty,etc.

Over a year later and I still experience brain tremors, though not nearly as intense as early one. I have a great NMD physician who saved my life and uses all natural medicine.

I hope you are doing well. Look into prolozone therapy if you should need any joint type medical treatment. It's amazing, and really clean.

Thanks for stopping by. Stay healthy!

HugeMD said...

I wish ya could, too. Bad feeling not to be able to. Hope you're hanging in there!