Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Did I speak too soon?


I saw the PS today, was supposed to see just the PA. But I don't do anything half way. When he came in he told me I was his little worrier, by the end of the visit he looked, well, disappointed and concerned. He said he had been so happy with my incision line. Yeah me too, but now I think he is concerned for my health... I'm concerned for my future. That's a different post.

Like every other foreign object placed in my body I am now spitting out stitches. I've also grown some sort of germ... didn't catch the name, starts with a D. I've been on Bactrim and Clyndamycin. I'm allergic to Cipro and Keflex. I've had a couple of past infections, Staph and Serratia both involving a PICC line. So given my history and my allergies... the PS called his buddy the ID doc. He started the conversation in the exam room and then moved out into the hallway. He came back telling me that the ID doc thought he should go right to the top. In pill form THANK GOD. But man, this is a scary sounding drug, the only one in it's class, I have reached the top of the food chain when it comes to antibiotics.


Ever heard of it? Yeah, neither had I, it's 1,900$ for a 10 day course and requires prior authorization from my insurance company. I have no doubt they'll approve it, but wow, that's $$$. The side effects sound kind of scary but it kills everything. I'm fine with that, if it helps me heal I'm down with whatever comes with it, well, as long as it's not death. Mom told me that I'm not allowed to take the first dose without someone with me. I'm inclined to agree.

I'm trying super hard not to hate my body. I love the way it looks, but it doesn't heal for shit.


JackiePharmD said...

Have faith, Linezolid is a very good antibiotic, and will kick that germ in the ass.

Deb said...

Eek! Best of luck with the new antibiotic.

Cammy said...

Fingers crossed on this antibiotic! (For that much money, it should clean your house, too.)

Fat Lazy Guy said...

Thanks so much for the comment in my blog! It's been interesting reading about what you're going through as I'm thinking eventually I'll probably want to do the same thing. It sucks to hear the process hasn't been entirely smooth, but I hope this new development makes things a bit smoother.