Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I leave everything to the last minute I swear... I've asked someone close to me to take some pictures. Maybe a short video instead? I dunno. Very hard for me to put on display what I have been attempting to cover up for years. We'll see how they come out. For the always thin I think it's hard to understand what I'm dealing with. For the still overweight, many wonder what they'll look like. I still feel fat somedays. I know I look thin. But this body, this body that was 345 pounds can't escape that fact I weighed more than what I weigh now. It's hard to imagine that I stuffed a whole extra (overweight) person in my skin.

We had dinner with mom last night. She said she wished she had more pictures of when she was pregnant. I know I'll want these pictures some day too-- so I'll get this done.

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