Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I just read the worst.comment.ever. on someone else's blog. Weight regain is tough-- and unfortunately most go through it to some extent or another. But to tell someone you feel so sorry for them and then, AND THEN! That if you ever started to notice a regain the last thing you would ever put in your mouth would be a loaded pistol. wtf? How is this helpful? Unbefuckinglievable. I'm speechless.


Angela said...

Sarah, thank you for having the balls to call out "Pretty Woman" on Morgan's blog. I couldn't have said it better myself. I was shocked when I read that comment. It just came off as, "Oh, I am so much better than you because I would never put the weight back on, so help me, God." It was just mean-spirited and full of contempt, like you said. I work with Morgan, and she is an admirable lady. It takes courage to put all her weight struggles out there with honesty and candor. I guess there will always be those crazy assholes who will kick you when you're down.

Also, congrats on your weight loss! You look beautiful and happy. :)

Kansas City

Sarah said...

Thanks Angela. I can't tell you how much that upset me. I've never posted anything like that before. I think that every life is worth living regardless of size.

Morgan seems like a smart woman, I believe she will figure it.

Nancy said...

I am here at your blog reading because I admired the fact that you put Pretty Woman in her place. I was totally appalled at her comments. A loaded gun? wtf? I hope Morgan knows Pretty Woman has issues...thanks for speaking up.

Sarah said...

Thanks for stopping by Nancy! I kinda wish I hadn't swore so much but it still bothers me.

All sorts of crazies on the internets. Myself included.

MB said...

Pretty Woman is pretty ugly.