Monday, May 25, 2009

We ate outside

So not the best picture, but pretty standard for a blurry dark iPhone pic.
M and I had our own little Memorial Day BBQ after he got home from the office. Our back porch is screened in-- there is no reason we shouldn't be taking advantage of it. The chairs and table base I've had forever so this weekend I hosed them down, bought some chair pads and a table top at Ikea and presto-- Outdoor dining. The lights are from Target, two different types, one strand is just large glass bulbs, but the other are those red metal flowers with the yellow inside petals. They loop around the top of the porch and provide some lovely mood lighting. I also have a small Weber charcoal grill (that I am hoping to upgrade this week) a wicker chair with pillow for the cat and a hammock chair hanging near the door. I love it. I try to eat meals sitting down at a table. This is sure to help.


jo said...

I am green with envy. I would simply love an outdoor room like this!


Lisa said...

looks lovely! :)