Monday, May 18, 2009

46 and rainy

The trip to the Cape was fast. And cold and rainy. I stopped by the beach to say hello to my Gram and picked up my mother's mail and that was about it. I did not go for that walk but I did make it to the gym tonight. Hopefully the hour and five minutes on the elliptical helped work the little old lady out of my knee. The cold and damp still makes it ache a million times worse than it does normally. /knee rant

I'm very excited about my week ahead, I need to keep on the good eats and good exercise though, could be tough. Drinks with a friend tomorrow night, (he's giving me his grill too!) a potluck during my last writing class, and then Keane on Thursday night. I am so freaking excited for this show.

Big plans tomorrow during the day include laundry and a trip to Home Depot. Welcome to my summer of domesticity!

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