Friday, May 29, 2009

PS meet M. M meet PS.

Just a quick note, hafta go help mom unpack in her NEW HOUSE. Go Mom!

Anyways, still very very very happy about all this. Turns out the PS doesn't think I'll need the anchor cut, that made me happy, he does intend to go as far back as he can though. We'll see. I every confidence that this man will make me look very good. M was impressed which was nice, liked the way he treated his office staff, and how he answered his questions. I'll have more to say this evening, it's all in the details.


HugeMD said...

Ya gotta feel confident in the surgeon. Glad things are looking up. Hope you're feeling better!

Deb said...

Looking forward to hearing more details (and wondering what an anchor cut is).

Sarah said...

Anchor cut is when they make an incision from your navel to just under your breast bone if your skin is too much above the bellybutton to just be pulled down.