Sunday, May 24, 2009

So little time it seems...

I'm holding steady at down five pounds. Fine by me, I just want the number on the scale when I go to the doctors office on Friday to reflect that.... I've read in a bunch of places that people should be in the best shape possible for this kind of surgery, but on the other hand every surgeon I talked to said don't worry about about losing the last of the weight. They used to ask people to do that, but clearly, this is where my body is most comfortable.

I'm off to Ikea today to help create my outdoor space. We have a back porch that I would like to use, but right now, it's not very inviting. I am making peace with the fact that my life if about to grind to a halt. (Having a slightly harder time making peace with this surgery, more on that later.) So I want to make it so that I have a place I am comfortable hanging out, even when I can't get downstairs and out side. I have no idea how quickly I will heal and or recover. They say you should start walking pretty quick... around the block maybe? I wonder how this surgery will be with stairs.

So off I go. Each day up until the 4th is starting to take shape with specific tasks. Later on today I will tackle my closet.


Deb said...

Hi there, I just recently found your blog. You lost around the same amount of weight I am trying to lose. I am impressed and encourage by your being 4 years into maintenance. You are proof it can be done!

Best of luck with your surgery.

Slim said...

I found your blog while searching for inspiration. I'll definitely keep reading! I just started my weight loss journey (or should I say restarted). I even posted my "before" pictures along with my weight & measurements. Boy, did that make me sick to my stomach. I'll use it as a motivator though!

-Maura said...

Hi, Sarah. Just here wishing you a successful surgery and speedy recovery!