Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Gym

So there is this guy who used to be my friend, once upon a time he and I worked together. This was back in the day when I was newly thin and discovering that it's a lot harder to have male friends when you are skinny than when you are fat. When I was heavy guys reacted to me differently. I was the one they went to for chick advice but there was never any interest in me. It had always been like that and I had always been comfortable around the guys, managing your high school football team will do that for you.

Anyways, fast forward through several misunderstandings and me figuring things out a bit slowly and our friendship ended. Alas. The last year we worked together I would just ignore him in the hallway even though I hated doing it... and then we all got laid off. Relief! Out of sight out of mind. He lives in my neighborhood but I hadn't seen him since. He got some new job that takes him to far off places for extended periods of time the grapevine told me.

Apparently he is back in town and has joined my gym.

I thought I had saw him getting out of his car a couple weeks back now.... but wasn't sure. He's dropped some weight, probably 40+ pounds since I knew him. It was also dark and I just couldn't tell. There was no mistaking him on the treadmill this morning. Ugh. I'm not sure how to feel about this, I want to leave the past where it is, but this kind of distraction at the gym... Not sure I need it. So what would you do internets? Say hello or leave it be?

Or work out extra hard just in case?


phelpsvj said...

why not say a hello and keep on walkin' by?

Sarah said...

What's the harm I suppose... I'm thrilled he's healthier. But still, the gym is kinda like my sanctuary. I understand how it can be his too.. I guess I just need to leave the past where it is. IN the past, but does that mean, continuing to ignore him or bury the hatchet. I dunno.

Lori said...

I would just say hi and leave it at that. I wouldn't really start a conversation unless he really initiated it, then just make it brief and not too personal.
I think it will feel a lot less awkward once you get the first "hi" out of the way.