Friday, May 8, 2009

So tomorrow I'll step on the scale

I expect this week to have lost 3 pounds. I know some of it will be water weight and that weight you lose fast when you first restrict your calories, but that's okay, the general trend is down and I have logged everything I ate this week. Keeps me honest and the exercise has been surprisingly (physically) easy. It's the mental hurdles I have to jump through to move sometimes.

I'm actually kind of paralyzed mentally right now. I'm just on the edge of a B/B- in my chemistry class. I need to stay there, but the final looms large next Thursday and there is a shit ton of memorization required for it. That's on top of the stuff we've already learned. January and February seem like so long ago and I was in a completely different place. Hopefully that knowledge is still in there not buried under layers of memories of pain and pain killers.

I had a great chat with my writing teacher... So often we put off the now for later, but the only way to get to later (and where you want to be) is to work at it in the now. That's me, trying to work at it in the now.... I'll get there, I just have to keep working at it.

That goes for chemistry and getting back to the weight I want to be it.

And one more thing, I should probably quit my bitchin about my regain.... In the two years since my latest knee problems ruled my life I was never more than 18 pounds off my low (which was really low) and mostly I've just been about 10 off my comfortable weight. Considering all I've been through and the inability to exercise, I should be giving myself a pat on the back. So here's where I do that.

Good Job, Sarah!

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