Sunday, May 10, 2009

These are the pictures that sent me over the edge.

M and I were on our way back from REI--that's my new fancy pants backpack for hiking and back country trips. We walked across town last Sunday, can't get there from here really conveniently via the T. The skirt is an athletic 12, but I was pushing its limits. I know a lot of what is stressing about these pictures will be removed via surgery, but even still. It was time to stop the creep. It's been a week and I feel better already.


purple_moonflower123 said...

I love REI. I usually browse when I'm at the mall. I like the fact that you caught yourself when you saw that the weight was creeping on. Many people don't do that and continue to regain and then wonder what the heck happened.

Sarah said...

Yeah-- I could see it... took almost two years for it to creep back up like that. I've never regained a large amount of weight, I think at this point I am too used to being "thin". A 12 was starting to feel fat. :/ My normal has changed.