Sunday, May 10, 2009

Small Meltdown

About food today. Maybe it's just because I am back into I give a damn mode that the excess snacks are stressing me out. I can ignore them... but this week, with stress. It's hard. I've been working out and that helps, but sheesh. I wish he would finish the snacks he already has before purchasing more. And as for meals... well, that's a different post. In the end we had fresh pasta and
veggies for lunch with basil and a smidge of butter but for some reason it was herculean effort to get to that.


By time he eats ALL 12 ice cream sammys I think they will be freezer burned. I'm long past the days where I eat something just because it's there, even when I wasn't so carefully watching what I ate, I didn't eat things that didn't taste good. Hopefully I can wait them and him out. I wonder how long it will take?

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