Sunday, May 31, 2009

This evening turned into Sunday afternoon

M and I headed to the cape late Friday night. Yesterday I napped. Hard. Today we did yard work and I scrubbed the deck. Now it's about to be lunch time and then we'll head back into the city. I had kind of a morbid thought down at the beach visiting Gram. (Her ashes are there.) What if these are my last three or four days on earth. That's the complication monster in me. It'll go fine though. I know so. Seriously, this has been the best gift ever and I haven't even had the surgery yet. I know I am going on and on about this, but wow. I'm going to be tiny!

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Deb said...

You will come through your surgery just fine. It IS an amazing gift that you deserve after all the hard work you put in to lose half your weight (not to mention the hard work it is to live at twice your weight).