Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Yikes, I'm so over this cold. Been forever since I've had one and I need to be over it by Friday.

So I can't believe that in omg a week from now I'll be on my last day as me this way. A lifetime! A lifetime of my shape being this way is about to change. Crazy, still can't believe it's real. I got the approval from the insurance company in the mail yesterday.

Coverage: 15830 EXC SKIN ABD

It was approved by an actual doctor-- I was happy to see that someone qualified was making the decision about my excess skin. I'm kind of curious what the plastic surgeon said but you know, I'm probably better off not knowing. I saw the pictures, that was scary enough.


Deb said...

That's great that you are going to have some insurance coverage for your surgery. I have always heard that it is difficult to get approval for that unless you have had gastric bypass....which seems pretty crazy and unfair to me. But what do I know?!

Lori said...

How exciting!
Can you actually believe this is happening?

Sarah said...

Hi Deb, My PS office told me the same thing... I think it is because most insurance will cover WLS and therefore the excess skin is a result of that, hence the coverage. But a patient like me is rare and I got the feeling that my PS would have lobbied hard for me had they denied me. Thankfully they didn't. The panniculectomy is just for the skin below the belly button and really deals with the hang. The extended tummy tuck, or abdominiplasty deals with what's above the belly button. And for me, that also hangs, so I'm more than willing to pay for that. They also do some muscle tightening which I think will make a big difference in how my core works. Muscles that can actually be strengthened are very exciting to me.

Sarah said...

And Lori, not really. Not yet anyways!