Saturday, May 9, 2009

There is a disturbance in the Kitty Force

My Fuzz loves the attic. He sleeps in the eves, but we have our new tent set up and airing out so sadly, Fuzz is not aloud upstairs while it's on the ground. Nice thing is I've seen a ton of him, bad thing is, he's a pain in the ass about everything right now.

You can also see in these photos, besides my Fuzzy kitty my end of the day mascara and the place where I thwacked myself on the nose yesterday with M's headlamp.


Lori said...

Kitties are so funny when you mess up their routine, aren't they?

Sarah said...

He's also been pestering our other kitty way more. I'm ready to take the tent down even if it means I'll see less of him.