Friday, May 9, 2008

Sleepy Rain Friday Night Thoughts

I'm up waiting for a plane to land. Massport has a great website for tracking flights. This info is out there across the country but some regional airports utilize it better than others I think. His plane is in the air so it won't be too late of an evening and hopefully I'll get some sleep tonight.

We need a new mattress. Bad. Ours has the worst sag from my heavy years and I often fall into this huge hole at night. I end up wedged between Fuzz and M, many times awoken by his elbow pinning my puddle to the bed. Last night I slept on the sofa and even though my cat was as obnoxious as you can get, I slept pretty well.

But then I woke up. With the worst.crick.ever. in my shoulder. It pangs me when I look up and to the left. I can’t win. All I have been able to do today is read and nap, but that’s mostly okay I finished Dibs: In Search of Self and am almost done with Freud’s Questions of Lay Analysis. Psych exam is Tuesday.

I need better rest especially before three big tests but… I think a new mattress will be several thousand bucks. Not the 4K I know some one is looking at, I imagine that one will be like sleeping on a cloud. But anyway, Mom and I tried out some nice ones a few weekends back while M was relaxing in the Spa chairs at Jordan’s.

Everything costs money though—I should sell some more things. My trial run went well and letting go hasn’t been too hard. And if it meant a better nights sleep sooner (late July maybe by time we saved up) then I would be all for it.

By the way, with every thing I’ve learned this semester, I think I should go back to the days of Sarah doesn’t drink. I remember a time when I didn’t and was very proud of it. It started off as prissy defensive thing at boarding school, then became a who needs those empty calories thing (even when I was over 300 pounds) and now it’s an ohmigod do you know what that biologically does to your body thing. Ignorance is NOT bliss.

In the fridge though there is a bottle of Midori. After that epic company outing, I’ll never look at that stuff the same way again so it’s all for M. There is also some old Christmas wine and several Guinness in a bottle, a never opened fifth of Grey Goose Citrus that won’t make the move and last but not least, Mint Baileys Irish Crème.

I need to get back to Freud. Another reason not to drink. Brings out my Id, so I have been told.

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