Monday, May 5, 2008

Reasons to be Excited by my New Kitchen

I had forgotten what a cook's kitchen is like. We signed a lease last Friday and I am very excited to move. Our current landlord does not cook and it showed in her choices for our kitchen when they renovated it.
So things I am looking forward to.
1. A garbage disposal. I know, I know. For it's impacts on the environment you can read here. I should be composting-- maybe the old hippie we are renting from will let me start one. Regardless, the idea of a garbage disposal makes me grin. I also hate our trash can so the less I need to use it the better.
2. A knife magnet. This means I need new knives as there is no way I am displaying what I use currently. (You can view my wish list to the right.) A knife should be sharp and cut effortlessly. The scar on my middle finger from a bread knife is like a badge of honor. I was merely reaching into the knife bin that summer I was a prep cook at VR's and it sliced me all the way to the tendon.
3. More counter space. What we have currently is limited and is either a cheap laminate that holds stains or has been covered over with the same small floor tile that is also in my entryway. The grout is just icky.. and starting to crack.
All of this is good news for me making more meals at home. The more I cook the better my diet is.


anne said...

ah, but you need cool knives for your knife magnet.

appple said...

the knife magnet is the rock.

so is composting :D

let me know if you need a hand with starting the process...