Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Mom always said...

My Mom is awesome. I'll say that flat out. One of the nuggets of wisdom she gave me as a kid or maybe a teenager, I can't really remember, is that you need to know what the other side is up to. I could never understand why she put up with dad's Rush Limbaugh or whatever, but she is a very well educated woman and keeps up on both sides of the current opinion/argument.

So that's why I read Big Fat Blog. It's a little hard on my heart and mind sometimes and can piss me off to no end. Especially the comments. It also shows me why I need to keep up this blog. People need to know that it is possible to change their life. Even when I was 240 and thought this is where I am meant to be... it was a lie. A similar vacation 5 years ago told me that, fat and sweaty and unable to do the things I wanted to with my man because of my physical state was not a way I wanted to live my life. Losing weight for me was about health, quality of life and living longer. It wasn't about looking cute or wanting compliments. (In all honesty that has, in the past, caused all sorts of problems for me as a lifer I never anticipated. Something else I have learned to deal with.) I'm all for non discrimination of fat people but when it comes to fat acceptance. I've been there and done that. It's not something I can get behind.

There I said it.


Laura said...

Oh cheers! Thanks for the comment, too! I'm sure your blog is pretty inspiring, so I'll have to read on for all your good tips.

BFB really gets to me sometimes. I agree with them about fat discrimination, but when they get on that "all dieting is deadly" crap, I want to fight back.

Anyway, cheers again! I'll be reading!

deanna said...

I just found your blog, not sure through what...maybe Lyn's? Anyhoo, I have to agree. I just took a gander at Big Fat Blog and it pissed me off! I am all for fat acceptance and non discrimination of fat "people", but that site in my humble little opinion, is really not healthy on many many levels. Why wouldn't you want to be the best possible you? Don't get it. Guess, don't need to, it's none of my business!!

GREAT for you on the weight loss, you look awesome!!