Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Saggy Bum

I don't normally wear pants. My extra me gets in the way and it is hard to find a pair with the right dimensions. I know that every woman in the country has problems finding jeans that fit and that I am not alone. But these days my waist is tiny because the rest of my stomach hangs to my hips and my thighs... well skinny jeans are a trend that will pass me right on by.
So today was a pretty crappy day. Doctor appointment issues. My knee is still giving me problems and I am not convinced that this bone graft was successful. Little chips of bone keep coming to the surface. Is that supposed to be happening?!?!?!
I digress. So on my way to Harvard Sq. I stopped at the Gap. I like to check out the trends as their stock story is one that fascinates me. I also needed some retail therapy. I always try on jeans but never expect t find a pair. But much to my surprise I found a pair today! They are of the dark washed trouser variety but that's okay. I more of a dressed up kind of gal anyways. The waist is slightly big but the rest of them fit great. It's been a long time since I had a pair of jeans I love (and that look good.) Currently I have a pair of Tommy HiIlfigers with a bad wash and a saggy bum. Time to put them to rest.

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Cammy said...

Have you tried zafu.com? You can enter your body's, uh, features and zafu returns a list of jean brands and styles they think might be a good fit. It's worked twice for me. (I also have the adjustable belly.) They also have a search engine for other pants.

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