Monday, May 5, 2008

The M & J Show

My morning ritual has changed since getting laid off. We are a lot slower in the morning and by time I get to ironing I am usually watching this in the background. I miss my Fox 25 in the morning. I digress. I have never really been a morning talk show watcher and this one isn't too bad but I do take issue with the over sensationalism of some of their stories. Especially teh weight loss ones. I have never seen them have on a guest who lost weight with education, time and motivation. Normally the weight loss stories are of the expose kind, but they manage to find people who are drinking the Kool Aid even when they have nutritionists beating them down. Think Kimkins and injecting yourself with pregnancy hormones!!! I appreciate that they balance out the nut jobs with real medical professionals but just once I would like to see someone up there talking about how they lost weight by changing their life.
Today they kicked off their "NY vs LA Fit Fight." Two trainers competing to whip two couples into shape. Seems more about the trainers than about the participants but we'll see. One last thing... they gave them T shirts. Do you think they could have gotten ones that fit? Nope. Standing next to the trainers with the too tight tee shirts stretched over their clothes was hard to watch.

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