Tuesday, May 20, 2008

If you are the praying type...

Or even you are not. And even if you are not a Democrat please say a prayer or send happy thought to our Senator Kennedy and his family. Hard to imagine Massachusetts without him-- he has been a senator years longer than I have been alive.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah. I just came across your blog via a comment you left on Pastaqueen's blog.

I like the look of your blogsite, and especially your cool "My Weight as a Word Problem" and "Before and After Photos", which provides all the basic info about your journey.

I weighed in on Monday at 320 lbs and if I managed to lose half of that, or even get down to 177 lbs (which is I guess what you weigh according to the puzzle!) I would be very happy.

Roll on many months of healthy eating, exercise and not pigging out any more !!!!

Best wishes,