Friday, May 2, 2008

I need a J-O-B. Eventually.

Senior Dietician
If the post is no longer there, the job is for a Sr. Dietitian for Brigham and Womans and Faulkner Hospitals Bariatric Program. This person is responsible for "the management of obese patients planning for obesity surgery and who have undergone obesity surgery."

Okay, that will never ever be a job that I would even consider. The more I learn, the more I think I would rather have been fat for the rest of my life than suffer from the side effects they are now seeing in patients. This surgery is not to be taken lightly. The wonderful lady over at Junkfood Science breaks it down in her Bariatric Series of posts. The link will take you to the one about vitamin deficiencies. Especially of the B variety and Calcium. Scary stuff.

Faulkner Hospital has been my new place for knee surgery. I did not notice any signs during my first surgery in the fall of 2007, but for my last two it is clear the hospital is actively promoting their bariatric surgery program. There are signs in the lobby and through out the facility touting the procedure. (On a side note, they must be doing well, because they also now have plastic surgeons. My PCP referred me over there in fact. That's a whole other post.) Anyways... I often wish I could stand outside, like those people do at PP. You know, regardless of what you are going there for there is some woman outside standing behind the blue line who says, "Can I help you today?" Totally innocuous but not really. They are there to change your mind.

I can picture myself standing outside a WLS info session saying the same thing. I know how desperate you feel when you are heavy. I imagine it's like being pregnant and not wanting to be. You'll do anything... But you live with those consequences.

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