Saturday, May 24, 2008

Road Trip Eats

Often on vacation I lose weight. Or at least stay the same. I wouldn't mind losing a few, but I know that is coming with the move and the bike riding I have planned for this summer. Anyways...

Basic vacation strategies include:
Always ordering the small (this applies to life as well)
One treat a day, an ice cream cone while we are out wandering or dessert with dinner
Snacks with fiber, fruit or power bar type thingies instead of chips
One meal as a salad, lunch or dinner, often with protein and no dressing

It's simple enough. but I can remember a time when all I did was eat on vacation. So far so good. My treat yesterday was an ice cream cone, although I suppose I could consider my scone at breakfast a treat as well, but since we walked all day, I'll let it slide.

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