Monday, May 12, 2008


Exams. I have three in a row, starting this evening.
more cat pictures

I have been stressful study eating and as a result, I am back up to 161. I am uncomfortable weighing more than 160 now so I need to refocus. I wonder though, is this little up and down bad for me? Too much yo-yoing? I prefer to think of it fluctuations. Yo-yoing seems more extreme, 50-100 pound gains and losses to my mind.

So yeah, based on the scale it turns out that Mother's Day cake did have calories in it. Also turns out that Ma's flowers were delivered to the neighbors. I left them a neighborly note, but I am moving out in a month, so really-- who cares. It is the thought that counts and she is out of town this week anyways.

I have packed a lunch and had oatmeal for breakfast today, it takes planning and time to eat well. Things I am short on right now, but I am worth it. Although, part of me wishes I was one of those people who, like my husband can get so absorbed in their work they simply forget to eat for hours at a time. How is that possible? I remember an occasion recently on one late weekend afternoon where I asked M when he had last eaten. Yesterday was his answer! Oh noes! You must eat regularly.

Study time, sans snacks.

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