Friday, September 17, 2010

Storage Bins

I will be sticking to my 5 years surgery free policy but I just have to say that when I gain any weight right now it so very OBVIOUSLY shows up in my arms.  Natural systems tend toward lower energy states.  It's much easier for my body to puff up an already existing fat cell than to create a new one.  I noticed this last year after the tummy but it's more pronounced that I don't have those fat deposits in my thighs.

Now my arms are fat.  I'm still sitting at 162ish but those extra pounds are sitting only in my arms.  I cried the other morning when I couldn't comfortably wear one of my most favorite long sleeve button down shirts.  My husband bought it for me when I was newly thin, button downs weren't something I ever really wore.  This color and fit was perfect ( I <3 Calvin Klein btw) and I've even replaced the buttons when I lost two.  Nothing I can do about the arms however.

Well, lose a few and lift.  I've been to the gym this week.

The body is so weird.

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