Monday, September 20, 2010

Just saying

Instead of expecting/wishing/hoping others will change.  Focus on changing yourself.  That way YOU get to decide which way things go instead of whatever direction someone else kicks your heart or your will power or what have you.  It's not as easy of course but at least you get to call the shots.

For example...  my husband is out of town this week and over the weekend he went out and bought a bunch of sugary snacks.  I could sit around and lament the fact that he brings this stuff into the house, I can ask him to please not to but in the end I can't expect him to change.  We've been together for over 8 years now and I have had to make peace with this.  The only thing I can change is how I react to his behaviors.  That way I am in control.  It might be hard but I have no one else to blame but myself and I am not living with constant disappointment.  Disappointment sits on your heart and makes you miserable.  Misery loves company but I have no interest in bring other people down.  So I take charge to avoid making myself miserable.  Make sense?   You can apply this to all sorts of aspects of life.  


Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

When I was buying crap "for the kids", my wife found an effective way to deal with it. She simply chunked it in the trash. "Keep buying it if you want," she told me. "I'll just keep throwing it away when I see it."

Wasteful, yes, but isn't putting junk in your body wasteful, too?

Sarah said...

I pitch stuff only after it's been adequetly ignored. If he purchases some crap that I don't eat then it has to go stale or expire first. (well except the German Chocolate Cake- he said I could toss after he left). Helped me become immune to food... otherwise I would eat crap just because it's there like I used to and that's no good. If he buys something I do eat, I ration a serving a day... Lasts longer and again just because it's there doesnt mean I have to eat it.

We waste too but I don't have to pitch it before it goes bad... My food issues are not my husbands... So it's not fair to throw out before he has chance to finish.