Saturday, September 18, 2010

People make judgements on limited information

I had dinner with my former boss the other evening.  I have no doubt that our friendship and mentor/mentee relationship (and it's so not Sienfeld) will continue to grow.  It was like no time had passed at all.  The title of this post... is what she had to say about why she gets dressed up every day.

I couldn't agree more.  It's human nature to judge...  I prefer to give less ammunition than others.

I wore this last Friday...  Jeans are Banana Republic with JCrew braided belt.  On top is black silk cami from Ann Taylor, brown velvet track jacket from JCrew and the leather vest is something I thrifted, size medium from Neiman Marcus.  It's one of my favorite pieces for this fall.  I never leave the house without jewelry and here I am wearing one of twin sis' antique crystal necklaces.  Same day, but later, hair has been cut and I'm out for beers.  I was struck by how freaking tiny my thighs look to me in this picture.  Subtle yet noticeable difference I think.

This is something I wore last week maybe?  Felt a bit bold wearing stripes and spots, but it worked!  Dress is wrap from JCrew and sweater is from Banana Republic.  Earrings are screwbacks, pressed base metal with milk glass beads.  This was an outfit I wore to class.

I take A LOT of pictures of myself.  I am addicted to my iphone but after having avoided myself for so long... I dunno I guess I expect the novelty to wear off but it doesn't.  I look at pictures of myself sometimes and still feel unreconizable.  I was trying to get a picture of my knee here.  I swear it changes shape on a daily basis. I wish I had a better picture of this outfit.  The jacket is vinatge and wool.  It's has a very simple military look and fits great.  Underneath is a silk shirt from a label I can't recall...  scoop neck with a big bow at the collar.  Skirt is Calvin Klein and yes, it's leather.  I wore this to class.

This past Thursday I finally wore jeans for the first time to UNH.  Six classes in and the girl who sits next to me in Nutrition Education & Counseling (who also works at JCrew Outlet) said she was glad to see I was capable of dressing it down.  ;)


Sean Anderson said...

Fantastic transformation my friend! The pictures...I get it, I do. I can't wait until I can say "5 years of maintenance" too!!!
I'm so happy for you!!

My best always

Vickie said...

I saw your note that you had followed me over (excess skin posts on my side bar). Do you have one I can add to my collection?

LOVED your photo collection "Obligatory Before and Afters" and could very much identify with feelings of glee with higher weights (on the way down) and feelings of maybe "what the heck?" at even lower weights.

Also appreciated the "People make judgements on limited information" - because that is the truth.

One of the best pieces of advice anyone gave me was when I was near the end of my weight loss and getting ready to go into my first maintenance phase. Blogger friend said - always wear really great earrings. And that sort of changed my whole life.

Sarah said...

Hey Vicky! Love the comment about earrings I agree. I never leave house without accessory, but my favorite are earrings.

I've had a lot to say about skin in terms of having plastic surgery. This past summer my thighs and last summer my midsection. If you'd like to link feel free.

Again, congrats on your loss... we are a rare species!

The Monkey and Me said...

You really look amazing. I am so glad to see you are enjoying all you have working so hard and been through so much for. You are stunning!

Anonymous said...

you're beautiful, dude.

(even if you did give that military jacket the eye)

Alan (Pounds Off Playoff) said...

Just found your blog. Great to have a few maintenance blogs out there, even if I'm a long way from that point. That pic on the harbor reminds me of a cruise I took when I was in Boston about 5 years ago in the summer. Perfect, beautiful night, right at sunset. What a great urban setting.

Vickie said...

I plugged 'skin' into your search engine (top, left corner of your blog) and pasting in this link will show you what pops up:

does that link to most of your skin posts? (I didn't see that you use labels or have any method of sorting posts - ?)

because if that is most of it, that is the link I will put on my side bar.

and I agree. I am always VERY excited when I find another 'long time' maintainer.

Vickie said...

I am back in your archives, slowly reading forward to present, to catch up.

so you will be getting these weird little comments as I see things back there.

the first one, you wrote:

"Sunday, March 23, 2008
Need a Campus?

Weight-loss boarding school helps teens shed bad habits

Wellspring Academy, just outside Fresno,California opens its doors to people ages 13 to 24. Currently scouting locations in the Northeast for a sister school to open in June, the academy teaches kids to change their entire lifestyle, rather than just put them on a diet."

it might be that you have commented on this in a more resent post, but I wanted to mention that in august 2010 a TV show started about this academy's North Carolina location. The show is called Too Fat for Fifteen. my youngest and I have been watching, so far mostly what we are wondering is if there is any point at all in sending these kids to the school WITHOUT sending their parents for MAJOR therapy/behavior/codependency/enabling work. There is no doubt what so ever how these kids got into this kind of shape/behaviors when one 'meets' the parents. . .