Monday, September 27, 2010



Biochem on Wednesday.  This stuff is seriously interesting.  But dense and time consuming.  School is like a job.  The seminar class I take for NUTR really tried to impart that on the room this evening.  Varied success I think.

Lots of my mind.  Can't wait for the 20th!


Self Storage said...

Six years of maintenance is simply worth celebrating every day! Wow.
I am determined to be there and to stay there for the rest of my life.
I follow your blog. Come and visit

Vickie said...

good luck with your tests

I have a 20 year old in college full time and a 16 year old taking her first class (one evening a week, junior in high school) - when I see their work - I think - I do not have enough brains left for that level on concentration. But you are a lot younger than I am, so you probably do!

I did get all the way through your archives. I had a tough week last week, and your archives were comforting. I enjoyed them very much and it gave me something interesting to ponder.

I remembered you from the Dr Oz 100 show. I had watched that day as Diane (Fit to the Finish) was one of the featured 100. but I specifically remembered you. And I did not assume you were crying happy knee tears that day. In fact, I assumed the opposite.

♥ Shrinking Kenz ♥ said...

I can't believe midterms are already on the horizon...time flies...jeez..

Anonymous said...

Good ol school daze. Golden rule daze. Can we all at least be thrilled that it no longer involves a hickory stick?

Of course, there were some mid terms I would have preferred to swap for a few swats.

(When I was the student, that is, not the professor.) :)

Good luck on your exams!