Saturday, January 30, 2010

Why I won't be getting an iPad

I have an iPhone and MacBook and other things to spend 500$ on. Specifically plastics for my thighs. Had a lovely chat with M about this today and he gets it. These surgeries are as much about function for me as they are about aesthetics.

I wonder about how easy the iPad will be to use, specifically how it fits in your hands. It's curved so it seems like on a table (like my iPhone) it would spin a bit. I often sit with my MacBook on my lap, or on my crossed leg, so the keyboard is at an angle and it's pretty comfortable. That's fine at this weight but what about when I was heavier? I didn't have a laptop then, but I did have to somehow manage a notebook when I didn't fit in those chairs with the attached desks and that was no easy task. I had no lap with which to put things on so I often found myself bracing my notebook on my belly and holding my pencil horizontally to take notes. No wonder I didn't go to class. /blogress.

I'll be interested to see this device in person, but I would imagine that it would be rather difficult to use for the larger folks. I wonder did Apple test it with them?

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