Thursday, January 28, 2010

What I ate. Pinging Pain Version.

Days like today are how I lost 7 pounds last fall. I'm hungry but have no appetite. I'm past the point of eating just to eat, but feel pretty good about what I did get in. Approximate total calories 1500, almost 45 grams of protein and more than enough fiber.

Breakfast at 8 am.
Zone Perfect Double Chocolate Bar I know some people are not a fan of the bars... but whatev. I like these, taste yummy and 12 grams of protein for 190 calories. Works for me.

Lunch at 11:30 am
From Starbucks Ham & Swiss Panini — Natural Black Forest ham and Swiss cheese with Dijon mustard on focaccia bread, mine also had tomatoes on it? Local differences, label stated 370 calories. Had been wanting to try one, was okay... cheese was a little watery when it was heated up, but satisfying.

Snack at 2pm
2 ounces of beef jerky
1/2 a package of pumpkin seeds. Interesting to note that the nutritional info is for the kernel but seems to only add a whopping amount of sodium and no calories if you eat whole thing.

Snack at 5:30pm
Chocolate Chip Cliff Bar from vending machine on campus.

Dinner at 9pm
Small bag of frozen veggies from Green Giant containing yellow carrots, spinach and some sort of bean. They market it for "digestive health" meh, blend I like, with decent calories.
1 ounce of ground sirloin with taco seasoning. Wasn't feeling the tacos my husband made tonight so just had a few bites of the meat and put the rest away.

Snack later
Navel orange


Lori said...

I had that same Zone bar today before my run. I have a not-so-secret addiction to protein bars.

♥ Kenz ♥ said...

I like Carrot cake Clif bars...just saying.