Saturday, January 16, 2010


Friday's appointment went well, but the surgeon I picked... I think he is out of my price range. The quote also included a scar revision of the divot in my left knee. He thinks that I will benefit from the thigh lift and that it should be a pretty simple procedure compared to what I went through last summer. It would be T shaped with the scar running to about mid thigh medially and the top of the T would wrap around the crease in my leg to the hip bone to just under my buttock in the back. He said that for about 2 weeks it would be diffucult to sit and for 4 weeks I would need to avoid any hip flexing movement. You have to put a great deal of tension on the skin when you pull it back together and apparently it is easily pulled apart. He would also lipo just behind my knees and use some of that fat to flatten out the above mentioned divot from all those ACL fiascos. Total cost, a whopping 8,200K! Yikes, this was several thousand more than I was anticipating and I think I am going to have to find someone else.

There are lots of plastic surgeons in Boston. As I told twin sis all fall, you just have to work the process. I desperately want this done so I'll be scheduling a few more consults, probably even one with surgeon she used. She got great results and the price was right. I also need to inquire as to wether Dr. Brueing is ever returning but even the head of the dept. yesterday was all, no one knows why he left and no one is sure if he is coming back. Meeting with that surgeon yesterday though only reinforced that I have "great deal" of skin between my thighs and that it needs to go.

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