Friday, January 29, 2010

What I ate. TMI . Version

Finally! I'm on a really reliable form of birth control and was starting to freak out about my lack of period this week. I'm 97.5% relived and 2.5% disappointed but anyway, it's here and I ate like it today. What am I seven months post op now too? Still amazed at the lady parts producing that much bloat! There will be no getting on the scale until the end of next week, but days like today balance out days like yesterday.

Breakfast at 7am
Multigrain bagel from Starbucks with 1/2 pat of butter
Venti Iced

Snack at 11am and at 5pm
Apple Cinnamon Power Bar
Handful of Oyster crackers
4 HIT chocolate sandwich cookies (70 cals a piece)
4 Vanilla Pizelles (23 cals a piece)

Lunch at 3pm
Mozzarella and Meatball Hot Pocket
I had other options but that's what I ate. That could have been a better choice. I have a million yummy frozen meals from Trader Joe's in my freezer. Well, not a million, but I did have other options.

Dinner at 8:30pm
Homemade chicken rabe sausage
Angel Hair
Pasta sauce with broccoli

Peanut M&M's


Jodie said...

Kind of a personal question, but do you mind sharing which procedures you had done? I am glad to be following your blog, but you make me miss Boston

Sarah said...

Do you mean plastics or life in general?

I've had 11 knee surgeries, if you want details on that, send me an email. But I am pretty sure you are referring to my plastic surgeries. If you go back into my archives read last May and all the way through July for a good idea of what I went through. I had a panniculectomy (for skin below belly button) and abdomniplasty (for skin above belly button and muscle tightening) on June 4th. I had some complications but would do it again. Still thinking thighs this May, but have to see about the money.

JewliaGoulia said...

Periods are crazy (in all aspects!)

I just had mine last week and I actually gained about 6 pounds. . . it's insane!

I'm glad you found a reliable form of BC, that is something I have not conquered yet!

Don't worry to much about the food, it'll all balance out in the end. :)

Have a great weekend!